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We ask a lot out of our fabrics.  So you get the most out of them. 
Because everyone deserves comfort with ease.
We put a lot of time into choosing our fabrics because they play a major part in addressing the sensory integration disorder that effects many people with autism and others with special needs.  

SOFT- No more scratchy or itchy fabrics.  We only use the softest, smoothest, most comfortable natural fabrics for our products.  We keep in mind those with sensory integration disorder when choosing every single piece of fabric for our clothes.

MACHINE WASHABLE- Who has the time or money to have to dry clean everything?  We use machine washable fabrics that can be washed using the standard settings on your washer and dryer.  We also recommend washing on the cool water setting to save on energy!

REVERSIBILITY- We use fabrics that can perform in more ways than one.  Our fabrics need to look and feel great both inside and out so you can wear them front or backwards.

FLEXIBLE- Our fabrics are comfortable because they stretch to the occasion.  All of our fabrics have at least a 2-way and most have a 4-way stretch to allow more flexibility.

GREEN- Whenever possible, we source fabrics that are made with organic and natural fibers with natural processes and using ethical trade pratices.

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