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Sensory Challenge of the Month

Challenge of the Month: Socks (and we meet that challenge!)

We at IDC get emails all the time — what are we doing right, what are we doing wrong. We listen.

We also get heart wrenching stories from parents and caregivers of those w special needs. Here's one about socks:

Dear IDC: I saw your amazing clothing line for people with autism, and I had to ask you, beg you — what about SOCKS?

My son, Brendan, with autism, gets confused getting dressed. Some days it’s just easier to let him to walk around in a backwards shirt and the socks on his feet have the heel sticking straight up over his instep. No wonder he can’t put his shoes on.So confusing and stressful for him. And the toe seam bothers him so much, he came home the school bus barefoot last week. The bus company says he'll be kicked off the bus. Can you guys make socks that he can put on and keep on? Please?


Casey S.

Dear Casey,

Yes, we can. And we have. Meet IDC’s Universal Fit Sock. Solve universal sock problems, all at once. For Brendan, and thousands of others. No more wrestling with putting on socks every day. No “heel” that can end up on top of the the foot. No toe seam that can scratch or bunch. And no, IDC’s Universal Fit Sock is not just a fancy word for a tube sock. IDC UniversalFit Socks are made with flex-compression points, that mold the sock to your foot. Not the other way around. Comfort and ease for everyone, especially those with visual, cognitive and dexterity impairments that can make putting on socks a daily challenge. No matter how you put on our Universal Fit Socks, they fit!

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