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Hi - From one Autism mom to another - Keep up the great work! . My son with Autism is 9 and definitely has issues with buttons, zippers and tags no less!

I just wanted to say as a special education teacher who deals with students and their clothing all the time, this is so fantastic!!!!!  I will tell my student's parents about this for sure!! :)

- AR

- SB

The very first time she [my daughter] put on your reversible, pink stripe, pullover, we went through our morning ritual of her getting the shirt over her head, one arm in, then with great effort remembering her checklist and crying out "WAIT! Is this the front?!" To which I gleefully replied "It doesn't matter- it's right BOTH ways." There are no words to describe the joy and relief we both felt as she contentedly sighed "Oh, yaaaaaaaah." One huge energy-zapper/stress point eliminated. Score one for the side of goodness and light. :-)                                              

My son is 22 and I am really excited that these pants will help him achieve a greater level of independence. We have been searching for years for pants other than sweat pants as he cannot do buttons and zippers.

- LH

BRILLIANT BEYOND BRILLIANT. YOU ROCK and THANK YOU FOR YOUR THINKING THROUGH THE MINUTE, YET HUGE ISSUES WE ALL FACE. The clothes are beautiful and autistic friendly and STRONG. THANK YOU. This is a dream come true; empowering so many. Independence Day Clothing, I think, will change our world in the most exponentiually fabulous ways. Thank you so much.. As we celebrate AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH, IDC gives me and us, lots to smile about.  IDC = HOPE

I really appreciate your work and it's been really easy to get the clothes on.  I really like your design- that was genius!

- Juliana, 13 years old, repeat customer (NVLD, ASD)

- Customer

- Holly, Repeat Customer

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