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Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. We imagined a line of our favorite pieces.  Clothing we live in every day, all year round.  Then we imagined that everyone could put them on.  Easily.  Quickly.  Frontwards or backwards.  Comfortably.  But they had to look great and they had to fit right!  So we started designing…

Our Story So Far

Our Approach

Our design concept might seem like a break from the mold, but we believe in classic design.  Essentials that never go out of style.  A bit preppy.  A bit sporty.  And a whole lot of soft, sensory friendliness. Clothes everyone can wear.  We aim to eliminate obstacles and to make your day easier using the 5 C’s: 

Classic.  Compassion.  Compsensate.  Camouflage.  Connected.  Intriguied? 

our approach

Who We Are

Independence Day Clothing/ID is a women-and-minority run company drawing from the resources of the fashion, design, special education, media and finance sectors of New York City.  


We know our professions.  And we know this demographic.  We see the void in the garment industry for a clothing line that stylishly addresses every challenge – even the ones you haven’t thought about yet.

Who we are

Social Responsibility

Independence Day Clothing’s commitment to social responsibility starts with those who inspire us.  And it all started with those who live with autism.  They often have clothing and dressing issues.


We made a commitment to them and their families — that the clothes we make can be put on and worn by everyone.  Including those with disabilities.  And those who just like the ease, the comfort, the on-trend looks.

social responsibility
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